RightFax User Guide

Service Description 

RightFax is used by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences as an Enterprise Fax solution for managing fax operations. This tool allows users to send faxes via the web and receive faxes via web or email.

RightFax uses the following functionality for users and management:

  • Send and receive faxes via specific individual fax numbers.
  • Receiving incoming faxes in email inbox.
  • Using custom fax cover sheets.
  • Fax directly from workstation using
  • RightFax client with document software.


  • How to Obtain RightFax
  • How to Launch the RightFax
  • Overview RightFax software and navigation

RightFax FaxUtil

  • How to Send the RightFax FaxUtil
  • How Receive the RightFax FaxUtil
  • How to View the RightFax FaxUtil
  • Searching the RightFax FaxUtil

RightFax WebUtil

  • How to Send the RightFax WebUtil
  • How Receive the RightFax WebUtil
  • How to View the RightFax WebUtil
  • Searching the RightFax WebUtil

RightFax Websites and Resources