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How to submit an Educational Presentation:

Our department welcomes any contribution to the continuing education needs of our staff. In order to provide reliable and consistent information, the following guidelines to submission have been developed.

  • A variety of programs are currently used in our educational developments, including; PowerPoint, take times, newsletters, and company copyrighted publications. Please specify which method is your intended presentation. Submissions for PowerPoint must be in the following format. All other presentations please send in Word format.

PowerPoint Template

  • Objectives will be clearly stated in each presentation
  • All materials must be reviewed for spelling and grammar before submission.
  • All material must be reviewed for accuracy/applicability. The material must be reviewed by someone who does not have a vested interest in the project and who is knowledgeable about the subject. Upon submission, you will be asked to provide the name and the credentials of the reviewer.
  • Curriculum Vita must be submitted for each author.
  • For submission that include Pre or Post Tests, please submit in the following format:
    • PreTest/Post Test (in Word format)

Once the above requirements have been met, please complete the proposed submission form by clicking a link below. All material submitted will be reviewed by Staff Education to determine if it follows all applicable hospital policies/procedures/protocols.

After review, a Staff Education representative will contact you.

Please contact Staff Education if you have any questions: Office (501) 686-6095 Fax (501) 296-1447 Email:

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