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Technical Information

First time users will be asked to install the Flash Player before viewing the module and taking the post test. To view installation instructions, click on Flash Player Install below.

System Requirements

  • To view details of the Minimum System Requirements – click here.
  • Flash Player Install-Flash Player¬†9 or higher is required to view the modules, post-test or video.
  • Authorware Web Player 7.0 InstallAuthorware Web Player 7 is required to take Online Exams (Critical Care Knowledge Exam, Medication Math Test, Critical Care IV Push Medication Test, PRN Pool Exams, ED Exams, and NICU Exams).
  • Windows XP or later
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher or Firefox 2.0 or later

Online Education Off-Campus Access – Important Information:

  • The online training is only available through the UAMS Intranet or UAMS Citrix VPN Access. If you are attempting to access the Online Education and Training from outside the UAMS domain (e.g. Freeway Medical, ACH, AHEC, Helena, MCPG), you must use Citrix VPN to gain access to the network and access the Staff Education Online Education.
  • Citrix VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows UAMS Employees to access the Online Education from off-campus using their web browsers. To access Online Education from Off-Campus – click here.

If you would like information on this access, please call the IT Technical Support Center at 686-8555 or email Tech Support Center For setup RAS and Citrix VPN Instructions go to Remote Access (RAS/VPN) Instructions web page.

If you have the technical problem, call the Technical Support Center @ 686-8555 or visit the Technical Support Center web site -click here

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