PALS Provider & Renewal

PALS Online Helpful Tips

  • Certification/Recertification – For someone that desires or is required to carry Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification
  • Classroom Course – Offered by Staff Education (8th Floor of Central Building, Classroom 1)
  • Offered – Every Month
  • Offered to – any participant that has completed a dysrhythmia course, has a job requirement for PALS certification and/or has Director approval to attend.  Please contact to enroll in this class.
  • Scheduled – from 0800-1500
  • Who should attend this class?
    • Anyone who has attended a dysrhythmia course
    • Anyone that has PALS as a job requirement
    • Anyone that is Current in PALS Certification
    • Anyone that prefers a classroom (more hands-on) learning environment
    • Pre-Course Letter
      • Participants registered for PALS classes will receive a Pre-Course Letter about 1 month prior to scheduled class that outlines all Pre-Course and Course requirements for successful completion of the course (Pre-Course Assessment, etc.)
      • BLS Certification in PALS course
        • Obtain and complete BLS Online Program prior to attending the PALS course and have BLS Skills Check performed during the PALS course (Print & Bring Certificate)
        • Skills Checks include:
          • Adult/Child 1 & 2 Rescuer CPR
          • Infant 1 & 2 Rescuer CPR
          • Use of an AED
          • Bagging

PALS Online

  • Certification/Recertification – Participants that wish to obtain or recertify their PALS certification using an online learning module
  • Online Course – Can be completed at work or home
  • Offered
  • Offered to – any participant that desires or is required to obtain or recertify PALS certification. To complete the PALS Online Course, email to obtain an online key
  • Scheduled – Learner convenience
  • Who can complete this course?
    • Any participant that desires or is required to obtain ACLS provider status
    • Course Details:
      • You will receive 2 emails:
        • Email #1 will come from Julie Stephens with detailed instructions for logging in as a new or returning user & activating your online key.  The Staff Ed Skills Check dates & times are included at the bottom of the email sent to each participant
        • Email #2 –  will come from AHA with the Course Key included for activation
  • There are 3 components to Online Course Completion:
    1. Online Program (MUST print certificate and bring to the Skills Check Session)
    2. Skills Practice (Offered at the Skills Check Stations)
    3. Skills Check-Off (Offered 2 times every month on Staff Ed; offered at other times and locations as posted on other units)
  • MUST complete all required modules in the program.  Optional informational modules and videos available in program
  • MUST complete 12 scenarios  (Cardiac, Respiratory and Shock)
  • After completing the modules and Scenarios, you are required to take the online Test.  If you do not pass the test with 84%, you will be required to repeat the test until you pass with 84%.  If you experience difficulty with the scenarios or written exam, please contact for program assistance
  • You have 30 days to activate the key or it will be recalled for another user to activate
  • You have 60 days from the online program completion date to complete the required skills check or your certificate expires.  If your certificate expires, you must retake the PALS program
  • Skills Checks:
    • Appointment is required
    • Average Session takes 30-45 minutes
    • Skills Check Includes:
      • Child 1 & 2 Rescuer CPR
      • Infant 1 & 2 Rescuer CPR
      • Use of an AED
      • Bagging
      • IO Insertion and Therapy
      • Respiratory Management (including AdvancedAirways/Intubation)
      • Team Leader – 1 Cardiac Scenario
      • Team Leader – 1 Respiratory or Shock Scenario
      • Rhythm Identification

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