Leadership Education Programs

Program Overview

The Leadership Essentials Program is a three month program designed to develop and/or enhance leadership skills in supervisors, managers, department heads and other interested employees. Opportunities are provided to tap into an assortment of expertise, experiences, and resources of others from around the campus.  Participation requires constructive communication and interpersonal relationships that are built within a climate of mutual purpose, respect, trust and confidentiality.  This type of environment allows for open exchanges of ideas, opinions, and disagreements.

Assessment tools and professional development plans are used throughout the courses to help identify strengths and assist in addressing barriers that might negatively impact relationships and work productivity.

Individual project:  Participants will complete a SWOT/PEST analysis, leadership assessment tool, and a professional development plan. At the end of the program, participants will present their final action plans for the next six months.

Graduation:  A ceremony will be held for those who fulfill the requirements of the program.

Program Completion:  Participants will be inducted into the UAMS Leadership Essentials Alumni and receive ongoing monthly support and learning opportunities. They will be invited to continue their journey through presentations, mentoring, and other leadership projects.


As an indispensable and effective part of UAMS, leadership skills, education, and collaborative practices help influence and sustain the future of UAMS and the community.    Living the essentials of leadership each day means being skilled at instilling enthusiasm, taking responsibility for outcomes, managing multicultural and multigenerational relationships, and developing the capability and commitment of others.  This program will provide initial and ongoing support for leaders to build and model a link between attitudes, attributes, and results that support quality patient care, healthy relationships, and cost containment measures.


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Build links between results and attributes that support quality workplace outcomes
  • Articulate core principles that facilitate professional leadership skills, knowledge, and values to support a culture of excellence
  • Empower others in assessment, planning and decision-making processes
  • Utilize critical thinking and problem solving to address performance or operational deficiencies
  • Professionally engage in collaborative inter and intra-departmental communication
  • Utilize crucial conversation techniques to identify, address, and maintain effective dialogue

Criteria for Acceptance

  • Has an interest in developing leadership knowledge and skills
  • Willing to engage in individual and group activities
  • Able to commit to class requirements and completion of the program
  • Has manager support to attend the program


Applicants will register either by training tracker or by directly contacting Staff Education at (501) 686-6095.

For information contact

Deborah Johnson, Leadership Educator
UAMS Staff Education
Office: (501) 686-6098