UConnect Hyperspace Playground Information and Tent Cards

Welcome to UConnect Tent Cards! This UConnect Tent Cards site is available through the UAMS Intranet. Here you’ll find Hyperspace Playground Information and Tent Cards you need to login to Epic Hyperspace Playground system.  To view the tent card, simply click on a link below:

Hyperspace Playground Information & Instructions
Access Hyperspace Playground Instructions
Practicing in the EPIC Playground
Hyperspace Login General tent cards
General Physician Tent Cards ASAP Physician Tent Cards
Technician Tent CardsNurse Tent Cards
Beacon All RN Tent CardsROI Clerk 100 Tent Cards
Beacon MD and pharmicist Tent CardsChart Analyst Tent Cards
Adult Floor Nurse, Nurse Manager,
LPN Tent Cards
ADT Tent Cards
Ambulatory Tent Cards
Cytotech Tent Cards
Hematology Tech Tent Cards
Lab Med Tech Tent Cards
Pathologist Tent Cards
Ref Lab Support Tech Tent Cards
Histotech Tent cards
Phlebotomist Tent Cards
Micro Lab Tech Tent Cards
Gross Assistant Tent Cards
Client Services Tent Card
Central Receiving Tent Cards

CPOE/Orders (Neonatologists, Surgeon, AMB Trained IP Physician, Resident, etc.)

CPOE/Orders Tent Cards

Clin Doc Tent Cards
L&D Unit Clerk Tent Cards
PT, OT, and Speech Tent Cards
L&D - Obstetric Nurse Tent Cards
Respiratory Therapist, Respiratory
Therapist Supervisor Tent Cards
Nursing Tent cards
HIM – Coding – Deficiency Tracking
HIM - Coding – Deficiency Tracking Tent Cards
OpTime and Anesthesia
Anesthesia Resident Training Anesthesiologist Training Tent Cards
Cath Lab RN Training Tent CardsMaterials Management Training Tent Cards
IntraOp Nurse Training Tent CardsLD Nurse OpTime Training Tent Cards
OR Charge Reviewer Tent CardsOR Manager Training Tent Cards
PACU RN Training Tent CardsPreference Card Builder Training Tent Cards
PrePhase II Nurse Training Surgery Scheduler Training Tent Cards
Endo Nurse Tent CardsNurse Service Lead Training Tent Cards
Film Librarian Tent Cards Front Desk Tent Cards
Invasive Nurse Tent CardsInvasive Radiologist Tent Cards
Technologist Tent CardsInvasive Technologist Tent Cards
Radiologist Tent CardsMammoTechnologist Tent Cards
Manager Tent CardsMammo Coordinator Tent Cards
Resident Tent CardsInvasive Scheduler Tent Cards
Resolute Professional Billing and Resolute Hospital Billing
Charge Staff 100 Tent Cards
Customer Service Tent Cards
Biller 100 Tent Cards
Biller 200 Tent Cards
Payment Poster 100 Tent Cards
Payment Poster 200 Tent Cards
Insurance Follow-Up Tent Cards
Refund Specialist Tent Cards
WILLOW Inpatient
WILLOW Inpatient Tent Cards

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact UConnect Training Staff.