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Cadence/Prelude - Go-Live Tip Sheets
Adding a Second Coverage & Updating the Filing Order
Adding Providers on the Fly
Address Verification
Attaching Claim Information
Auto Registration Info for Dual Registration
Cadence Research LP Insert
Canceling a Check in
Canceling and Rescheduling Appointment
Changing and Searching Departments
Collecting Documents at Check In
Confidential and Private Encounter Patients, Putting it All Together
Correcting Registration Errors – Charge Review Workqueue
Create a Hospital Account Record (HAR) scheduling
Customizing DARs
Dual Registration Information
FGP/MCPG Fringe Benefits
Front Desk Patient Tracker
Guarantor – Adding Guarantor Accounts
Guarantor – Global Guarantor Account Type
Guarantor – Using Corporate Guarantor Accounts
Guarantor – Guarantor Account and Coverage Selection for Persons who are Incarcerated
In Basket- Creating a Patient call back message
In Basket- Creating a Staff Message
In Basket Overview
Interpreting Colors on the Provider Schedule
Linking Appointments to Research Studies
Mark Patient for Merge – Duplicate Accounts
MyChart Sign-up for Front Desk Staff
Patient Lookup
Patient Tracker Crosswalk Dept. Events
Patient Tracker
POS Payment Posting – Dual Registration Process
Printing the Department Appointments Report or DAR
Referrals – Creating a Referral Shell
Referrals – Obtaining Authorization for Services
Referrals – Medicaid PCP
Referrals – Scheduling Referrals from a Workqueue
Referrals at UAMS – Incoming
Referrals at UAMS – Logician Integration
Scan Documents
Schedule an Infusion Visit
Scheduling Referrals from a Workqueue
Select Providers by Subgroup, Department, or Specialty
Selecting and Assigning Coverage in Special Circumstances
Selecting the Right Account and Correcting Wrong Selections
View a Provider’s Schedule
Wait List Report